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I realize they have worked on it on the ground for months now, but to see it all up inside of a few short hours, was impressive to say the least!

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It ends when you forget to act like an adult, no matter who your president is. Im grateful to live in the middle of South Central Kansas where we shrug off crazy and go to work every day no matter who our president is. Many of you ask, and Im always proud to answer, how is Nicholas doing in boot camp? Weve gotten about 5 letters (all at once) and weve received one 15 minute phone call. Nicholas made the Triple Threat Division also known as the Performance Division.The other phone call was about 14 minutes long and was at the tone of a whisper because we were still in church.We are expecting one other important phone call this week. Each recruit is given the opportunity to call home after Battle Stations 21 (BST).We all have to calm down and not get thrown off the airplane for our emotional outbursts.I think that, no matter your political view, we have to agree that destruction of property, aggravated battery and violence against authority are not part of the healing process for America.Im not patient enough to stop and wait, and the change in scenery will be nice, unless it rains and then thats about 8 miles of dirt roads to drive down instead of 2.5. By the way, Ronda and I are the proud parents of one of the Navys newest Sailors - Nick Noland! We havent seen Nick since we dropped him off in Kansas City on December 12, 2016.

It seems like forever ago, that we watched our youngest child board a shuttle for the airport.

BST is the final test for the recruits and is a 12 hour evaluation program with 17 ship board scenarios from missile attacks that can cause fires to flooding caused by exploding undersea mines.

Recruits also stand watches on the bridge and are tasked with engineering scenarios, lookout scenarios, and mass casualty drills.

I called my wife on a Thursday evening, "Did you see the new water tower?

" She simply said, "No, what are you talking about? We drive about 8 miles to town every morning from our home at M-Bar Ranch, south of Lake Arrowhead.

Throughout the various scenarios, recruits are evaluated and graded not only as individuals, but also as teams and as an entire division. Thats the answer I gave when asked what I thought about President Trumps first week. Those who are protesting and carrying signs that read "Not My President" are delusional.