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Smoosh dating

In 2012, the duo started three new You Tube channels, El Smosh, with Smosh videos dubbed in Spanish, Shut Up!Cartoons, with various animated videos, and Smosh Games, with gaming related content hosted alongside Mari Takahashi, David "Lasercorn" Moss, Matthew Sohinki, and Joshua "Jovenshire" Ovenshire.

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Videos are uploaded every Friday, Monday, and every other Tuesday, and behind the scenes (BTS) are released in the following days.Smosh 2nd Channel ( H) From "Smosh 2nd Channel" (originally named "Ian H", and was used at first for vlogs and other non-scripted videos), Hecox and Padilla upload their side series Smosh is Bored on Mondays, while the rest of the team uploads vlogs on Thursdays, and Put It In My Mouth and Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover on Saturdays.It has over 5.3 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion views.The series features regular Smosh cast members, Grossman (as Pete), Hecox (as Ian), and Padilla (as Anton), in addition to Cat Alter (as Mads), Jade Martz (as Ella), Casey Webb (as Dinger), and Natalie Whittle (as Lori).It is directed by Alex Winter, written by Eric Falconer, and aside from Hecox and Padilla, stars Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, Michael Ian Black, Mark Fischbach (Markiplier), and Steve Austin. Ten Smosh-related channels exist on You Tube, though only seven have scheduled content.In 2009, Smosh prepared a massive redesign of, added a games section, and put extras in the video section.

In January 2010, Smosh launched the "Smosh Pit" feature, a blog that consists of various pieces of pop-culture trivia, and written comedy.

It has over 22 million subscribers and over 5.9 billion views.

also have their own channels, which are not considered part of the Smosh roster.

, commonly called Anthony, born September 16, 1987).

Padilla began posting flash animations on Newgrounds in 2003, under the name Smosh. Soon afterward, they began to post videos on You Tube in the autumn of 2005 and became one of the most popular channels on the site.

The first period spanned from May to June 2006, the second spanned from April 2007 to September 2008, and the third span lasted from January to August 2013. Padilla and Hecox first met in their sixth grade science class.