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But while some long-lived parties can come off like museum dioramas of their old selves, BB is still as vibrant as ever, with a dhol-drenched soundtrack (supplied by founder DJ Rekha and crew) that takes in not only bhangra, but dancehall, hip-hop, classics and more.

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Because it’s a weeknight, Wednesday nights are unburdened by “Will we spend the night together?Friday night loses some of its edge by virtue of dates coming right after work: people might have time to stop at home, but not for long.This means that people are slightly less rested, and slightly less primped, than they would be for a Saturday night date.If someone makes plans with you for a Saturday night, they’re pretty sure that they’ll have as good a time hanging out with you as with than anyone else: a high compliment, indeed.Girls especially will take advantage of the extra time on Saturday to get ready for the date, and dress up far more than they would on a weeknight. A Sunday night date just calls attention to the fact that you both had other plans with other people (whether with friends or dates) on Friday and Saturday.The Tuesday Night Date: A Tuesday Night date can mean ambivalence: sure, they’ll grab coffee/a drink with you.

And maybe, if things go well, it will turn into a late night.

You might have noticed us sending you some exciting invitations to take part in our new singles events over the last few months.

These can be anything from salsa classes, to walking tours exploring your city, and even cooking classes where you and other singles can get to know one another whilst cooking delicious food.

The Saturday Night Date: This is prime real estate: the one day a week where you don’t have to work all day, and don’t have to be anywhere the next morning.

You only get one a week, so people are often loath to waste it on anything but a “sure bet”: a night out with friends, for instance.

You’re both probably pretty drained from the weekend, and possibly pretty stressed about the work week ahead.