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Tips for dating a law student

• The letter fails to identify any outstanding characteristics of the student.• There is no comparison to how she stacks up to other students.

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Once you can do that, try it the other way round, making sure you can name and date the case just by looking at the case details.On the reverse side, note down the main facts and any important judges’ opinions.Beginning with the name and date side, read the card until you can say what happened in the case (e.g.You could even get friends involved and test each other.This is probably the best revision tip which has worked for me and a lot of other students I know. I sometimes use mind maps containing just headings as a prompt, writing down everything I know involving that topic.I know someone who teaches the topic to her invisible lecture hall of students, explaining each legal principle and actively talking and discussing the issues with herself!

Try out all the new revision techniques that friends or lecturers have told you about in first year; it’s a good time to see what works best for you.

This is why only a law student is capable of advising other aspiring lawyers on how to use almost superhuman skills to retain vast amounts of legal knowledge and successfully write an essay worthy of that 2:1 or First title.

My number one rule is a timetable, because how you plan your working hours is always where revision begins.

In addition to setting working hours, allocate yourself a certain amount of work to do every day.

Once you have completed the set amount of work, you will feel a real sense of achievement and be able to chill out for the rest of the day. It is a common fact that every single module of a law degree is brimming with case names and dates.

Stay positive and do your best, because that’s all anyone can ask of you.