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Updating fedora 3

updating fedora 3-10

(Thanks to various IRC folks and vegan_linuxguy for troubleshooting this.

(I'm also available to do work over the Internet world-wide.) If you have any Fedora, Linux, documentation, or programming needs, check out my company, Everything Solved!There are just a couple of special notes that are covered in the instructions.Note that Fedora strongly recommends against ever running an end-of-life release on any production system, or any system connected to the public internet, in any circumstances.I've answered many basic questions in the Fedora Basics FAQ.Even if you're not new to Linux, you might find one or two helpful hints in there. The upgrades are usually very easy, much like Red Hat Linux 8 - Red Hat Linux 9. If you don't want to upgrade every 6 - 8 months, there is something called the Fedora Legacy Project.They provide security patches for each version of Fedora for an additional 1 1/2 years after the Fedora Project stops their support.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 is based on Fedora Core 3, so if you want to learn a little about RHEL 4 for free, use Fedora Core 3.

Rawhide and Branched are the development releases of Fedora.

They are suitable for people who are developing or testing Fedora before broad public release.

You might also want to install the various Windows movie decoders.

Note that there may be some legal issues with these decoders.

For instructions on upgrading with the DNF system upgrade plugin, refer to the dedicated page.