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Updating xp home to xp professional

updating xp home to xp professional-62

Original Disks - Check Legitimate Serial - Check Full Version XP - Check I am 99% sure that Pro can upgrade Home. Did you do a new install with Home or upgrade from an old O/S? Its not like 98 where they lock it out (which wasn't hard to fix if you renamed Infact an upgrade version can be used to install a fresh version (just have to have a win98 or whatever cd handy when it asks you for verification) May be a silly question, but what product key are you entering when it asks for it?

updating xp home to xp professional-62

The next phase from here will vary slightly depending on whether you are upgrading from a Windows 9x system, where you will be asked whether you want to upgrade to the NTFS file system from your FAT or FAT32 partition, or if you are upgrading from Windows NT4 and already using NTFS, you will be displayed with the Upgrading To The Windows XP Professional NTFS File System page.If your hardware isn't listed, contact the hardware manufacturer and request a Windows XP Professional driver.Support means that while the operating system may load and run on unsupported hardware and software, any issues that come up with the system will not be covered (i.e.Once you are certain that the operating system you're currently using can be directly upgraded to Windows XP Professional, you then need to be sure that the installed system hardware meets the minimum Windows XP Professional hardware requirements by verifying all of the hardware is on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) at the Microsoft website.Windows XP Professional supports only the devices listed in the HCL.The next point of the Upgrade installation is the setup type.

Even though you are within an existing operating system, you are not forced to upgrade to the new operating system.

The following direct upgrade paths are supported by Microsoft and are considered viable for both the Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home operating systems.

Microsoft Windows 98 Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition All Versions of Windows NT 4.0 require Service Pack 5 to be installed prior to upgrading to Windows XP.

You can also get updated setup files from Microsoft during the upgrade installation if you are connected to the internet.

As time passes from the point of original software distribution, (many vendors often call the first official release of a software platform as a GOLD distribution) many files may be updated before a Second edition of the software (such as Windows 98 Second Edition) or a service release (Office XP Professional SR1.) is distributed.

supported) by Microsoft Technical Support if you should need to engage them.