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Who is tommy davidson dating

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See full bio on IMDb » Tommy Davidson is on a looong vacation and he's getting paid for it -- so ... Sources involved in the production tell us the comedian landed a gig co-hosting a new travel show that will… READ MORE There was a tow truck lingering near Tommy Davidson, but for once, he didn't need the hand -- dude traded in one of his 800 hoopties for a hot new Jag! READ MORE Tommy Davidson claims his junk-ass cars have caused his love life to stall -- and he blames the rejection on TMZ!? OK -- he only partly blames us, but the former "In Living Color" star claims… On two different occasions, the former "In Living Color" star has proven how crappy his cars are -- see here and here -- so when we got him last night, we weren't surprised to see him… Sparks flew -- literally -- the last time we got Tommy Davidson and his broken down car.READ MORE So, this is interesting -- turns out NFL legend Jim Brown is really good friends with former "In Living Color" star Tommy Davidson ... Now he's got a "new" one -- but it's not without its flaws either. READ MORE Both of 'em ruled on "In Living Color" -- but while Jamie Foxx moved on to Oscar-winning roles, Tommy Davidson took down screen gems like "Juwanna Man."Tommy isn't bitter, he says still got one…

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From which we can assume he is earning huge sum of money and have mouthwatering net worth. He was found abandoned in a thrash at the age of 18 months old. Edit Tommy Davidson graduated from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, in Bethesda, Maryland in 1982 and then he studied communications.He did internship at radio station of University of the District of Columbia, but was dropped after one semester. Suddenly, in 1987, he heard about stand-up competition.He participated and won the amateur stand-up competition.He was also a recurring character on MADtvs Real M*****F***ing Talk sketches.In an episode of Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, Davidson hosted the show with amateur acts trying to make names for themselves.More recently, Tommy Davidson played the role of Cream Corn in Black Dynamite.

He also reprised his role in the Adult Swim television show of the same name.

As one of the cutting-edge, young stand-ups, he was spotted by major concert promoters, who booked him as the opening act for A-list touring acts, including Patti La Belle, Kenny G and Luther Vandross.

It wasn't long before he came to Hollywood and was performing stand-up at a number of clubs, including the Comedy Act Theatre, where he met Robert Townsend.

His credits include numerous feature film roles, from Spike Lee's Bamboozled, where he received acclaim and praise for his turn as "Womack/Sleep 'N Eats", to Juwanna Mann (Morgan Creek Productions') and the pivotal cameo in Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, which has become a cult favorite.

Davidson's hilarious impressions of Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson and other icons have become infamous.

He is receiving critical raves for a cameo in Ahmed Ahmed's award-winning documentary, Just Like Us, a feature film masterpiece which is a cross-cultural study of stand-up comedy bridging all ethnicities.